A new grief model: 5 steps to HEALING from grief


So what does it actually take to heal from grief?  What do you have to do to get there?

Here is my answer: A new grief model: 5 steps to HEALING from grief

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Let death remind you to live

by Kristie West March 15, 2023

Recently I heard the news that an old friend had died. She was a colleague who became a very dear friend when I lived in Melbourne many years ago. We had been very close at the time and, for many years, had stayed in contact. We had had much less contact in the last 8 […]

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Is death your blind spot?

by Kristie West January 23, 2023

Before Christmas I had a chat with a dear friend and colleague. She’s an incredible coach doing very different work to me, not in the area of death, but of course it still comes into her life – both personally and professionally – at times. The reason for this chat was that she’d been struggling […]

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A reminder that you CAN heal from grief

by Kristie West October 25, 2022

This is your annual grief-healing reminder. Or perhaps your bi-annual reminder. Though the fact that healing completely is possible after a death in your life is a constant theme threaded through all of my writing, now and again I like to write it as a blog itself. To remind you of the possibility. It’s considered […]

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Why my clients hate me

by Kristie West October 20, 2022

I remember a friend of mine, who is a coach, saying years ago that your clients should hate your sometimes. I agree. Not that you want them to hate you for real. Of course they likely wouldn’t even work with you if they felt like that. But at times you will piss them off. And, […]

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The beauty of vulnerability in death

by Kristie West September 14, 2022

This week I was working with someone specifically on this vulnerability piece and, for many, it’s a crucial piece in being able to transform how you see and experience the deaths of those you love. Part of the issue is that we typically see pain and vulnerability around death as a terrible thing and we […]

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A love letter to you

by Kristie West August 31, 2022

A coach friend of mine always sends emails out to her community with the title “A love letter from my heart to yours”. I know this as I’m on on her mailing list and receive them all. I’m perhaps not as much as a love letter type person as she is, but today I’m feeling […]

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Are you ‘hallmarking’ your past at the expense of your present?

by Kristie West August 23, 2022

Myself and a client of mine recently came up with a new word: hallmarking. Ok ok, so yes, if you go to the dictionary you’ll already find this word. Spoilsport. So we didn’t actually invent a new word. But we have given it a new meaning. Hallmarking, as we are using it, is about looking […]

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How quickly after the death of a loved one are you able to heal?

by Kristie West August 10, 2022

Your questions: How quickly after the death of a loved one are you able to heal? This is a question I was asked earlier this week. Now I’m not sure if the question is about how long until you can start healing work OR how long it actually takes to heal…so I’ll answer both, as […]

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The conditions you need to meet before you can heal

by Kristie West July 22, 2022

I’ve been reflecting on a few conversations I’ve had recently and emails from people asking about working with me. And it’s got me thinking too about so many of the people I’ve worked with over the years and some of their initial worries. A very common concern from folk is that they have something particular […]

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What grief can look like

by Kristie West May 25, 2022

This morning I caught up with a friend who has had a recent death in her life. I had offered to have a chat with her, as I know it can be hard to find people who can hold space for a proper conversation about death and grief. And all the harder to have a […]

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