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Why I ‘dis’ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (and why I will continue to do so).

Why I ‘dis’ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (and why I will continue to do so).


I haven’t written in a while.

I could blame being sick recently, and being overwhelmed as a mummy.  And while these are very valid excuses…they are not the real reason.

After all, I’ve still had plenty of time for Facebook and the new season of Game of Thrones (‘Hold the door’!)….

Probably the biggest reason is a blog-block. Like a road block…but when a blog has stopped and is blocking all the other blogs from getting through.

So here it is – the offending blog.

Someone wrote to me a little while ago sharing that they find it hard that I often ‘dis’ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and sharing their reasons why.

At the time I felt inspired to blog my answer but, given that someone had just complained that I do it, I felt a bit conscious of dissing her again.

BUT with a road block you have to clear whatever is blocking the road otherwise nothing else can get through. I suppose it’s the same way constipation works….but you don’t really need to have that explained to you. Suffice to say… the same happens for me with blogs.  I didn’t want to do this particular one and thought I could blog about something else instead….but…


Nothing was coming. This one had to come out first.

So….check out my vid to understand why I so often comment on Kubler-Ross and her 5 stages, and what I really mean and don’t mean by it.


If you’re interested a little more in what some of the many issues are with the 5 stages check this out.

And if you’re wondering what would be a better model than the 5 stages you’ll find my explanation here.


Much love,