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E-Book: How to Write and Give a Beautiful Funeral Speech

"Thank you Kristie.  Your book helped me do what I didn't think I would be able to do."   -Tara

"My step-son passed away last week.  I have done extensive speaking but never at a funeral.  Especially not a talk about  someone as close as my son.  The information from you and your sources was a life saver.  I feel that I am prepared.  I want to thank you so much."    -Bob

If you have been asked, or have volunteered, to give a funeral speech and don't know where to start.... then this guide is for you.

This practical, quick, and easy-to-read e-book will help you to write and give a beautiful, clear, and sensitive funeral speech you can be proud of without falling to pieces, saying the absolute wrong thing, waffling, or losing your nerve and speaking to your shoes.

If you have a funeral speech to write, are unsure where to start, and are nervous about getting up and speaking, especially at such an emotional time,  then this guide gives you everything you need to know in 24 practical tips (it's short, simple, and easy because you likely don't have time to read a novel) about not just how to put your speech together, but how to deliver it successfully too.

Even if you are a very experienced public speaker, speaking at a funeral can be a very different thing.

Among the tips it will:

-Guide you on what to talk about in your speech and how to be honest AND sensitive

-Explain the 'rules' of funeral speaking and what is and isn't appropriate (they might not be what you think)

-Offer a clear and simple structure you can easily use

-Help you if you are worried you'll cry or get 'too emotional'

-Give you my very best (but very simple) tip to do if you are very,very nervous

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