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Life After A Death course – helping you start to heal from grief

"I just wanted to send you a brief message to say how much I am appreciating your self-care course. It is perfect and just what I need right now. I love your manner.... It's just like we're having a conversation and it's truly amazing - you've had me laughing and crying and smiling and weeping and "getting it" as I've gone through the first 4 modules.  ...
just wanted to let you know how precious your gift is to me right now and that it's working!"  - Sheryl

"I think this is the perfect place to start when you experience big grief."   -Judy

"I really like the way the course feels so gentle. It is so well designed for how you feel after the death of a loved one.  Thank you"   -Jo

Life after a death - helping you start to heal from grief.

The death of someone you love can be one of the hardest, most painful things you ever go through.

You might be feeling like this will never end.  You might be feeling that there is nothing you can do to feel better.  Part of you may not even want to feel better.

But you do not have to stay like this forever.

You are still here, you are still alive and, though it may be difficult to believe now, life still has so much in store for you.

So if you are looking for support, for help, to start to feel better after a death in your life, the 'Life After a Death'  course (previously called the 'Foundations of self-love and self-care' course) is the best gift you can give yourself to begin on that path.

If you have had a death in your life and are feeling heart-broken, grief -stricken, lost, struggling to cope, and finding it hard dealing with others and their sometimes hurtful and confusing reactions  to you...then this course is for you. This gentle and supportive 13-part online video course can be done at your own pace and in your time and will help to support you through what you are going through right now.

This course will:

  • Empower you. My approach is not based on pain and sympathy. It is based on the fact that your pain is not permanent, that you deserve to feel better, to feel happier, to be able to live your life fully, both to honour yourself and the person you love who has died.  You just need the right tools.
  • Give you a completely new perspective that will help you understand and change what is going on within you and around you.
  • Help you increase the love you have for yourself and start taking care of you in practical, powerful ways. This has the potential to improve every area of your life, not just around your grief.
  • Show you what self-love really means and what it looks like, why it is so crucial for you right now, and how to create more of it
  • Help you look after yourself in healthy ways that are right for YOU even on your worst days and help you to set in place some simple daily practices to help, support, and uplift you
  • Show you how to be able to honestly and healthfully express your emotion. (This is an area that most people go further astray than they ever realise)
  • Help you deal with being at work and/or dealing with others on a day-to-day basis
  • Guide you in how to tell people about this death
  • Help you to understand the sometimes odd, sometimes confusing, sometimes heart-breaking responses after a death from those you thought were your friends...and not be hurt by or angry at them anymore
  • Support you to to ask for help effectively and get the support you need
  • Give you ways to support others in grief
  • Start you on your path to being able to remember them in a loving (instead of just painful) way…if this is what you would like

When I had 6 family members die in 4 months I was utterly devastated.  I took a G.R.I.E.F.  journey from pain and loss to total and permanent healing.  But it took me a long time to navigate as I simply didn't have the right tools, information, perspective, and support I needed to  put my pieces back together, let alone get started on healing. THIS is the course that I wish I had had back then to start my healing journey.

If you are interested in finding out about working with me through the full G.R.I.E.F. process, this course is a pre-requisite to that.

There is life after a death.  Let me help you find it again.

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