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The need for skepticism in current times

Back in the early days of my grief work, when I blogged a lot more (read: before I had a child), now and again a blog would come to me that I just didn’t want to write.

The reason being that what I share about grief and death is a little…odd. You know what I mean, right? Healing totally and permanently from grief isn’t a thing?! Except it is, and it’s what I write about. A lot of people find the idea challenging (ok, out-and-out impossible), so writing about it openly pushed a lot of my buttons and made me feel a bit vulnerable at times. And now and again there would be a blog that popped into my head wanting to be written that felt a little too challenging to share. I wouldn’t feel quite brave enough to write it and put it out into the world. When this happened I would ignore the little sucker, though it would keep chatting away at me, wanting to be written. And what I learnt was that this strategy didn’t work very well. The blog in question would sit and wait, not allowing any other useful ideas through until it found it’s escape into the world. Not so much writer’s block as writer’s constipation, if you will.

And it’s been happening to me again, this writer’s constipation.

Everywhere we look now, the same topic – death, death, death. Every time you turn on the radio and TV – death, death, death. Pretty much most forms of media – death, death, death. Yet I haven’t felt I could write honestly about what I was seeing.

Not in my life have I seen this much focus on death. And, given my work, I have a lot to say about it. In fact, near the beginning of all this (gestures vaguely around…at the world) I wrote a couple of articles about it all, here and here, but admittedly went a little quiet after that, though I’ve been asked to comment many times.

Here’s the issue for me. Pretty much for all of human history, we’ve known not to trust politicians tooooooo much. You know that saying “There’s no-one as trustworthy as the government”? Oh, you don’t? No, nor does anyone else. Because it isn’t a thing. It never has been. We know that politicians, even the ones we vote for, lie and manipulate at least some of the time. We know to ‘follow the money’. They make promises to get elected and then go back on them somewhere down the line. This is pretty common practice, to some degree. Mostly we’ve viewed politicians like car salespeople (sorry any car salespeople reading!) – you might find a good one you really like and even trust, but you also know they have an agenda, different affiliations, are often very skilled salespeople, and you do need to do your own research and make your own decision.

But not anymore! No, now to admit that you don’t have complete faith that every single word your government and associated authorities are telling you isn’t perhaps quite the truth…well, it outs you as the conspiracy theorist you surely are. And if you dare go all-out and suggest that perhaps these authorities are even telling porkies (as they have done many, many times before) is to show you up for the totally crackers, tinfoil-hat-wearing, conspiracy-theorist-to-end-all-conspiracy-theorists that you simply must be.

Especially in a country like NZ. Here it is no longer common sense to be skeptical of what the government says and does. Blind belief is lauded, encouraged. To question the honesty of the government here is just about blasphemy. And those who admit to distrusting a word out of the government’s collective mouth are stupid and dangerous. You are some kind of extremist to do so.

Times have certainly changed.

The issue for me is that I have been watching these same authorities in many parts of the world using death to manipulate their populations for about the last 18 months.

No, I don’t own a tinfoil hat. No, I’m fairly sure I’m still sane. For now. And no, I’m not sure I ever would have been classed as a conspiracy-theorist before. But I am familiar with death and death numbers. I know what are big numbers and what are not. I know how they compare to other numbers. And I can see propaganda and manipulation using these numbers….everywhere. And I’ve been watching it for the last 18 months. I’ve seen the contradictions, the exaggerations, the narratives that change at the drop of a hat, and, dare I say it, the out-and-out lies we are being told at times.

When I first started writing this particular blog I began compiling a bunch of relevant numbers and information to show to you. Numbers of deaths worldwide overall. Numbers of supposed covid deaths in different countries. Numbers of deaths by other causes – some far more dangerous every single year to the vast majority of us than covid could even dream of. Numbers of reported vaccination injuries and deaths (which are leaving all other vaccines for dead. Quite literally.) Information about testing and accuracy of testing. Information about how covid deaths are recorded.

But I realised that didn’t feel right. It’s not my job to try and convince anyone. And for those who don’t want to see that anything is a bit fishy here, they simply won’t see it.

So instead, all I really want to do here is encourage skepticism. Something that was sane and rational and healthy to have before. Skepticism of politicians and their carefully chosen and primed advisors. Skepticism of huge companies with very dodgy legal track-records who are making an absolute fortune. Skepticism of a media hell-bent on sharing fear, fear, fear, without a word on how to actually improve your health (especially when the state of your health has shown to be a massive factor in how well you fare with not just this, but many other illnesses too). Skepticism of the censorship that we have all gotten so used to so quickly, of anyone who speaks outside of the approved narrative, no matter how qualified or appropriately credentialed they are. Skepticism of anyone who tells you to blindly trust them, again and again, and encourages you not to listen to any other sources at all (I’m looking at you, NZ’s self-appointed “Single Source of Truth”).

Look up death numbers for yourself. No, not just covid numbers. Look up road deaths, suicides, cancer, and heart disease. Look up how many people die in your country every year, every month, every day, of all causes. Look up flu death numbers over the last 20 years. Look up the average age of deaths attributed to covid and what other health concerns and comorbidities these people usually had. See what doctors, scientists, and relevant whistle-blowers other than the ones the government repeatedly parade before us, have to say. Find out how covid deaths are reported in various countries – what it takes to label a death ‘covid-19’ (spoiler alert: it’s not very accurate, consistent, or scientific. It’s wildly exaggerated in some places because of how the recording is working). Look up the PCR test that is being used to diagnose this virus, how fit for purpose it is as a diagnostic tool, what the rate of false positives is, and what the inventor of it said about it’s use for diagnosis. Look up the science around lockdown – how successful they actually are, what the massive collateral damage of them is. Look up what has happened worldwide to flu and pneumonia death numbers in the last 18 months.

And if you do start looking, and you find out things you weren’t aware of, I implore you to ask why. Why don’t you know how many people die of any other cause at all in your country at any time? Why aren’t you being encouraged to boost your health (for example, comorbidities, including obesity, are very closely linked to these deaths)? Why don’t you know how many deaths there are from heart disease and cancer in your country (both far more a risk to most of us than this virus)? Why don’t you know how many ‘cases’ of each of these? Why don’t you know anything about the adverse events and deaths related to these new experimental shots? And if you had believed they weren’t happening or were “one in a million”, why didn’t you know otherwise? Why, when some of the other numbers are far bigger and very consistent (year-in, year-out), have you never been acquainted with any other death numbers but this one? Do you know the percentage chance of death vs recovery of covid? Do you know what your specific risk is, given your age and health? Do you know what the percentage of death vs recovery is for what is called the delta variant? Do you know how this compares to flu or other viruses? Do you know how covid deaths are recorded in various countries?

Why is it that all you know is a death number (with nothing real to compare it to) and that this is the deadliest virus…nay, the deadliest cause of death… that we have ever seen in our lifetime? (The numbers don’t back that up at all. Only the narrative and the constant fear do).

There is a lot you will find, if you look, that doesn’t fit with the initial narrative.

The one question not to ask right now is the one that stops most people from asking any questions at all: why would we be lied to about any of this? One thing I’ve clearly seen is the belief that because a similar narrative is happening in many countries (though not all) that it simply must be true. Not having an answer to “but why would they lie to us?” becomes reason enough to believe absolutely everything the government and related authorities tell you, by default. Not having an answer to “but why would they lie to us?” doesn’t cancel out any inconsistencies in their information, any contradictions in scientific studies or between information coming out in different countries. It doesn’t cancel out what other doctors (thousands of them), scientists, and whistle-blowers, are telling us.

You don’t need to know why to question. You don’t need to know why to apply a little healthy skepticism. You don’t need to know why to see that something is very wrong here.

As you can clearly see, I do not trust what the government is telling me. Not because I am a nutso conspiracy-theory blaspheming extremist. (Well at least I didn’t use to be!) But because I watched what was happening from the start of all this, from the position of someone who has her head around death a little more than most, and wasn’t quite so easily pushed into fear. I noticed the narratives filled with fear, when fear wasn’t particularly warranted. I watched (and am still watching) the way that death numbers (and “case” numbers, with a whole new definition and something we typically don’t measure) are thrown at people who haven’t seen any real death numbers in their lives, and still haven’t, other than what’s related to covid. I watched the way the stories are twisted and turned, often nonsensically, to frighten us endlessly and get us to comply with whatever we’re being told we need to do. I’ve watched the worlds’ collective fear of death being used against them, day after day.

I listened as people suggested my work is more valuable now than ever….but clearly with no idea of what the worldwide death toll is every year and whether it’s really gone up much at all. I heard people telling me “thank god” my work is mostly UK-based due to all the deaths there ….without knowing what the difference in overall deaths there is, how many people die there in an average year anyway, and how covid deaths measure up to any other cause of death there. I had an email from someone suggesting I write a blog about how to support all of the young children whose parents have died of covid….but given the average age of covid death is over 80-yrs it means that, yes, some kids will be in this position, but that this number will be absolutely tiny compared to the number related to cancer and heart disease, and potentially other causes, every single year.

I’ve given you no information here. Just questions to ask. Questions you are specifically being told not to ask otherwise. And questions that generally aren’t being answered in the mainstream, and certainly not by most of our governments.

If you don’t want to be skeptical I recognise there’s probably nothing I, or anyone, can say to convince you. But I’ll try anyway. I implore you to apply the skepticism that used to be common sense to us all, and dig a little deeper than the surface story you’re being told. Look up even 2 or 3 of the questions I mentioned above, and you might start to find out some different information than what you’ve taken as truth.