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Book recommendation: ‘Thriving Loss’ by Tabitha Jayne

Book recommendation: ‘Thriving Loss’ by Tabitha Jayne

If you’ve followed me for a while you may have noticed I haven’t recommended other people’s work or books etc at all in the 13 months that I have been blogging.  It isn’t for lack of wanting to!  It’s from there being a huge lack of modern, ground-breaking stuff that really helps – stuff that I would want you to read –  instead of the usual pain-based stuff full of all the myths that actually serve to keep you in pain instead of releasing you from it.  (And also as I haven’t finished my own book to recommend to you yet. Watch this space in the next couple of months. Hopefully I’ll think it good enough to feature on here. 😉 )

I would LOVE to recommend great stuff for you to check out  – and finally I can!

Grief Coach, author, and dear friend of mine, Tabitha Jayne, has written a wonderful book on G.R.I.E.F called ‘Thriving Loss: Move beyond Grief to a place of Peace, Passion and Purpose’.  This lady knows her grief, knows her way out of it, and knows how to help others out of it too.

Like me, Tabitha is someone who went through what might be considered a devastating loss….and used the experience to move through, grow from, and find deeper meaning and love in her life.  She talks about not merely surviving loss, but about thriving after it.

Check her and her book out. I hope you love it as much as I did.   Also, if you have a particular affinity for nature then this is definitely a book for you.

I honestly can’t recommend her work highly enough.   (Watch this space later this year for some work we will be doing together!).

You can find Tabitha and her book here.  I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Till next time,